ScreenFlash 2.5

This tool records any region of your screen and saves it as a Flash animation
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ScreenFlash is an application designed to record any region of your screen and save it as a Flash animation. You can create interactive animations and personalize them by adding elements such as balloon captions, buttons, texts, and others. Besides, it is capable of capturing your system's sound too. It is ideal to create visual tutorials and to enrich help systems, among many more applications.

The program allows you to create a new project using a special three-step wizard where you are asked to provide the project's name, the capture region (a specific screen area, a specific window or the whole screen), the capture mode (DirectX or GDI), whether to record the sound or not, and the number of capture times per second. Now you can start, pause, resume or stop your recording using keyboard shortcuts that you can customize.

Once you have stopped the recording, your Flash movie will open in the program's main window, and you can start editing and customizing it according to your needs. ScreenFlash allows you to go to any part of your movie thanks to its timeline control. It will highlight your mouse movements so that you can add illustrative texts and balloon captions, put text fields and buttons, or insert sounds accurately. Once you are totally satisfied with your job, you can export it as an SWF file. However, it also supports exporting to an AVI video or a GIF image file. It even includes a tool that allows you to convert your SWF Flash movie into a standalone executable (EXE format).

Finally, the program includes some additional minor tools that allow you to crop your movie, re-dimension it, split it, merge it with another existing video, and more. As you can see, ScreenFlash is a versatile tool that you can use to capture the activity on any part of your screen and to create a Flash movie of it. Once you have your SWF file, you can upload it and allow other people to have access to it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to customize and make interactive your generated Flash animations
  • Allows you to create new projects easily thanks to a special wizard
  • Supports exporting to AVI and GIF formats, besides SWF
  • Includes a tool to convert your SWF Flash movies into standalone executable files
  • Includes some additional minor editing functions that you can apply to your Flash movies


  • A bit expensive, compared to other similar tools
  • Some of its functions may make it hard to use for inexperienced users
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